Utah State Council Training

2020-2021 Fraternal Year, Jerry Angus (State Trainer)

Contact: Jerry Angus (training topic suggestions welcome!)
When: Monthly, on the Fourth (4th) Monday each month.
Register using the links here to be sent the GoToMeeting details.  After the training, the GoToMeeting recording will be uploaded to YouTube (as an unlisted video).  There is also a playlist of all the GoToMeeting presentation recordings on YouTube.  The training sessions below are in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

Monday, 6/28 – Topic TBD (To Be Determined)

Monday, 5/24 – Topic TBD (To Be Determined)

Monday, 4/26 – Topic TBD (To Be Determined)

Monday, 3/22 – Topic TBD (To Be Determined)

Monday, 2/22 – Topic TBD (To Be Determined)

Monday, 1/25 – How to Write State Awards

Tuesday, 1/19 – New Meeting Format and Q. & A. (any topic)

Monday, 12/28 – Merry Christmas!  No Training

  • No registration.  No resources.  

Monday, 11/23 – Financial Secretary Member Management (also good for Faithful Comptrollers!)


Wednesday, 10/28 – Online Membership (Reintroduction)

Tuesday, 10/27 – Online Membership (Reintroduction)

  • Presenter: Regional Growth Director Ray Lopez, PSD
  • GoToWebinar Recording (Note: content starts 10 minutes into the recording)
    • Note: Not on YouTube
  • Presentation Sides (PDF)
    • Online Prospect Form (English, Spanish)
    • Join Online www.kofc.org/JoinUs  Recruiting?  Provide your council # and your membership # for the new member to enter.
    • Officers Online www.kofc.org/oo
      • Prospect Tab (pending online members)
      • Candidate Tab (electronic Form 100)


Monday, 10/26 – How to Conduct Council Meetings

Charter Constitution and Laws www.kofc.org/ccl
SEC. 124. Each subordinate council shall hold at least two regular meetings each month, one of which is an officers’ business meeting open to all members, and one shall be designated as a regular membership meeting.

  • Presenter: Jerry Angus, FDD
  • GoToMeeting Recording (YouTube)
  • Presentation Sides (PDF)
  • Opening and Closing Odes (PDF, DOCX)
  • Tools and Best Practices for Remote Meetings (PDF, Supreme)
  • The Method of Conducting a Council Meeting Form 1937 v.05-15 (PDF, Supreme)
  • The Method of Conducting Council Meetings Form 10318 v.10-15 (PDF, Supreme)
  • Jerry’s Council Meeting ideas (PDF, DOCX)
  • Electronic Business Meetings – Voting on Motions and the Admission of Candidates for Membership (PDF, Supreme)
  • Fraternal Operations During COVID-19 Resources (Supreme)


Monday, 9/28 – Officers Online and Member Management (how to use, update and input data and forms)

Can you…

  • Send an email to your council through member management?
  • Verify if your council is current on safe environment?
  • Verify if Supreme has received your Audit report in officers online?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to register for this training!

  • Presenter: Jerry Angus, FDD
  • GoToMeeting Recording (YouTube)
  • Presentation Slides (PDF)
  • Presentation Outline with links (PDF)


Monday, 8/24 – Council Budget and Fraternal Benefit Night Overview

  • Presenters: Jerry Angus (FDD) and Field Agent Gene Trombetti
  • GoToMeeting Recording (YouTube)
  • Council Budget (Jerry Angus)
    • Presentation Slides (PDF)
    • Sample Budget Spreadsheet (XLSX)
  • Fraternal Benefit Presentations – KofC Insurance (Gene Trombetti)


Monday, 7/27 – Delta Church Drive and Your Yearly Council Plan

Regional Training

2020-2021 Fraternal Year, Ken White (Regional Training Director)

Contact: Ken White

General Notes:

  • Sessions are not recorded. They are offered multiple times, please select one that fits in your schedule.
  • Full Q3 Training List is available here (PDF), and was last updated 1/8/2021.
  • Registration:
    • Registration is done through GoToWebinar links below (you’ll get automatic meeting reminders).
    • Registration page has multiple sessions, select from the drop-down menu.  It should automatically adjust to Mountain Time.
    • Registration is open to all interested Knights!
  • Note: List trimmed to only include training after 11-JAN-2021.

Supreme Council Webinars

https://www.kofc.org/training (training section of the website)
https://www.kofc.org/webinar (webinars both future and past)

Videos with specific training:

OO = Officers Online, MM = Member Management
Reminders: How A Prospect Joins Online (PDF); then with Online Members use the Prospect Tab (PDF directions).

Quick Tips Videos
* How to Run A Successful Open House
* How to Run A Successful Program
* How to Successfully Communicate with Your Pastor
* How to Run A Successful Council Meeting

Dates and Links to Specific Webinars (for viewing on demand, and their resource links)

01/21/2021 Can Do Strategies for A Successful Second Half

12/17/2020 Fraternal Operations: New Guidelines for Council Meetings

12/10/2020 Supporting the Global Wheelchair Mission
* YouTube Video (246): “A Journey on Common Ground” https://youtu.be/a1GArluab_4

11/24/2020 Cultivating Parish Success: Investing in Key Relationships (on 10/28 moved from 11/19)

10/15/2020 Growth: Extending Fr. McGivney’s Invitation

09/17/2020 Fraternal Operations: First Quarter Check-In

08/27/2020 Programs: Planning for Success

07/23/2020 Getting Off to A Fast Start

06/25/2020 Recent Changes, New Tools & Quick Tips

06/11/2020 Frank Talk for Fraternal Leaders

05/14/2020 Post Coronavirus Operations and End of Year Action

04/30/2020 Revised Criteria for Council Awards

04/08/2020 Training for Online Exemplification

04/02/2020 Fraternal Operations – Leave No Neighbor Behind

03/26/2020 Fraternal Operations with Coronavirus Restrictions

03/10/2020 New Exemplification of Charity, Unity & Fraternity

Looking for something older? Check the webinar archive (currently offline)!