Utah Knights of Columbus Recruiting Incentives for the Fraternal Year 2020-2021

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April 2021 “New Beginnings” recruiting flyer PDF (8.5″ x 11″) in English and Spanish.


State Recruiting-Incentives Flyer (Q2 update)
* Monthly Council Challenge

Padfolio and pen to first Grand Knight and a randomly selected recruiter to bring on a new member each month.
* Insurance Challenge
$250 per quarter for council with highest % of council attending online fraternal benefits presentations. Paid to the council’s charity of choice (e.g., a case of coats for kids).
* Q2 Council Per-Capita Challenge
Top council gets (up to a) $250 per-capita credit for 2021-2022.  Winning council must recruit at least five (5) new members in Q2.
* Quarterly Best Performing Council

Highest membership growth and forms are current (and safe environment compliant). $100 to parish or priest.
* Top Recruiter Per Quarter
(min 3) $100, ties will be split.
* Top Grand Knight
Most members recruited per quarter (must have forms up to date) $50.00
* Top District Deputy
$50 per quarter to top DD who achieves his quarterly recruiting goal (and in Q3 holds a district meeting).
* Money in the Bank
$250 per-capita credit to council with largest year end online membership intake into the council.
* Most Knights in the Year
$200 to recruiter
* Fast Start (Q1)
State hosted BBQ for best performing council by percentage of membership for Q1.

Note: There are additional incentives from the Supreme Council.

Incentive Winners

* Monthly Council Challenge
– Jul: GK SK George H. Jockisch (5214); Recruiter Bill Kelly (12181).
– Aug: GK SK George H. Jockisch (5214); Recruiter Eric T. Domyan (14764).
– Sep: GK Mike Sweetland (9849); Recruiter Nick Nielson (5502).
– Oct: GK Joe Nesi (5502); Recruiter Joe Bouley (5502).
– Nov: GK Louis Mandrigues (10733); Ray Lopez (1136).
– Dec: GK Mike Sweetland (9849); Rafael Castillo (5214).
– Jan: TIE! GK Richard Houghton (16127) & GK Scott Lewis (12181); Steven Thatcher (12181).
– Feb: GK Chris Barrera (14239); Alfred E Hollywood Jr (9849).
– Mar: GK Joe Nesi (5502); George J Lukasiewicz (15418).
– Apr: GK Chad D Alessandro (6966); Cody Rasmussen (12181)
– May: GK Paul Buckley (15418); Rom Crary (10733)
– Jun: GK Michael Dannenmueller (14399); Bob Masse, Jr. (5214)
* Fast Start (Q1)
Council 9849 (At the council’s request, $250 to Coats for Kids instead of BBQ)
* Top Grand Knight
Q1: Scott Lewis, (12181)
Q2: Robert Dieringer, (1129) 
Q3: Joe Nesi (5502)
Q4: Paul Buckley (15418)
* Money in the Bank (Year)
Council 5502
* Most Knights in the Year
Gene Trombetti (Field Agent)

Incentive Winners

* Insurance Challenge
Q1: Council 7961 (Coats for Kids)
Q2: Council 12181 (Unspecified)
Q3: No Winner (none scheduled by a council)
Q4: No Winner (none scheduled by a council)
* Quarterly Best Performing Council
Q1: Council 602 (Cathedral Parish)
Q2: Council 9849 (Saint James the Just, Ogden)
Q3: Council 5502 (Saint Olaf, Bountiful)
Q4: Council 15418 (Saint Ambrose, Salt Lake City)
* Top Recruiter Per Quarter
Q1: N/A (minimum not met)
Q2: N/A (minimum not met)
Q3: Gene Trombetti (Field Agent)
Q4: Dennis Martinez (6010)
* District Deputies
Q1: Andy Beck DD#1
Q2: Frank Lesar DD#11
Q3: Paul Tinker DD#2
Q4: Mark Dylla DD#10

2020-2021 District Deputy Scoreboard – Q4

Q3 Membership intake gain – as of 21-APR-2021.
Note: For YTD net gain, see the New Star Council Tracker.

District Deputy Recruits
11Frank Lesar9
1Andy Beck4
3Larry Page1
8M1ark Meredith1
10Mark Dylla1
2Paul Tinker0
4John Chavez0
5Larry Zubel0
6Mike Middlemiss0
7Tim Soran Jr.0
9Brian Duncan0

2020-2021 Top Recruiting Knights

YTD recruiting through April 2021.

Knight Council Recruits
Gene Trombetti11297
Nick Nielson55025
Joe Bouley55023
William Kelly121813
Anthony J Barry II67392
Michael Carmody69662
Rafael Castillo52142
Ray Lopez11362
Louis Mandrigues107332
Chuck Mitchell55022
James Arguello11361
Mark Borowiak107331
Tom Crary107331
Eric Domyan147641
Charles Dover Jr103041
Richard Hall154181
Alfred Hollywood98491
George Lukasiewicz154181
Noel Poe107331
Cody Rasmussen121811
Ray Salazar55021
Steven Thatcher121811