Council 10304 St. Martin de Porres

Location: Taylorsville

Grand Knight: SK Fredrick J. Montoya

Charter Date: 03/18/1990

Assembly: #1144

St. Martin de Porres Council No. 10304: Taylorsville (District 6)
2022 Utah Winner – Knight of the Year: Charles E. Dover Jr.
2019-2020 Council Award: Star
2018-2019 Council Award: McGivney

Meetings: 1st Wed of the month at 7:00 PM – St. Martin de Porres, 4914 So. 2200 West

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Coming Events

XXFYI - Warriors to Lourdes Pilgrimage (5/21-5/27)
05-21-2024 - 05-27-2024
Lourdes, 65100 Lourdes, France


The Warriors to Lourdes Pilgrimage will take place 21-27 May, 2024 during the 64th International Military Pilgrimage 24-26 May 2024.
The application period for the Warriors to Lourdes Pilgrimage runs September 15, 2023 - January 15, 2024. Learn if you are eligible to apply. If you have questions, please email us at

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05-21-2024 - 05-27-2024 FYI - Warriors to Lourdes Pilgrimage (5/21-5/27)
XXHG: Confirmation at Saint Francis Xavier, Kearns - [1/2] English (A1144)
05-24-2024   5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
St Francis Xavier Catholic Church, 4501 W 5215 S, Kearns, UT 84118, USA
6:00 PM Mass according to the 2024 Confirmation Schedule (as of 23-FEB-2024)
May 24, Friday St. Francis Xavier, (1 of 2), 6 p.m.  = English
May 31, Wednesday St. Francis Xavier (2 of 2), 6 pm. = Spanish
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5:30 pm HG: Confirmation at Saint Francis Xavier, Kearns - [1/2] English (A1144)
XXDEADLINE: Register 4-Patriotic, Live/English, Assembly 1144
05-25-2024   12:00 pm - 12:00 pm
St Francis Xavier Catholic Church, 4501 W 5215 S, Kearns, UT 84118, USA
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Exemplification Agenda: 
11:00 AM Setup and Team Arrival.
12:00 PM Honor Guard assemble/practice.
12:15 PM Registration (candidate check-in starts)  
12:30 PM Registration (candidate check-in complete) 
01:00 PM Degree Exemplification 
03:00 PM Refreshments
05:00 PM Mass (optional)
Register by May 25th.  See flyer.
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12:00 pm DEADLINE: Register 4-Patriotic, Live/English, Assembly 1144
All Day MOST HOLY TRINITY {Solemnity}
XXKnights on Bikes: 9 AM Mass in Bountiful
05-26-2024   8:45 am - 10:15 am
Saint Olaf Catholic Church, 276 E 1700 S, Bountiful, UT 84010, USA
9:00 AM Mass at Saint Olaf in Bountiful. ~~ Father Andrzej Skrzypiec is being presented with Utah Chaplain of the Year and Joe Nesi with Utah Knight of the Year. ~~ 2024.05.21: Added to calendar with information provided as requested by Frank Carmona and Nick Nielson.
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8:45 am Knights on Bikes: 9 AM Mass in Bountiful
XX🇺🇸 Memorial Day (USA)
05-27-2024   All Day Event
United States

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All Day 🇺🇸 Memorial Day (USA)
XXHG: Memorial Day Mass with Bishop Oscar Solis
05-27-2024   8:30 am - 10:15 am
Mt Calvary Catholic Cemetery, 275 U St, Salt Lake City, UT 84103, USA
2024: Memorial Day Mass — Monday, May 27, 9 a.m. at Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery, 275 U St., SLC. Bishop Oscar A. Solis will preside. Limited seating; bringing a travel chair is suggested.
Annual Mass at 9:00 AM at Mount Calvary.
Inclement weather options: Mausoleum (like in 2022) or 10 AM at Cathedral.
2023 HG (15):
DM Bob Masse Jr PSD
M Ed Ortega
M Tom Odle  
CCC2577 Ray Halbert
Andy Airress PSD
John Schultheis
Larry Kiefer
FN A1144 Tom Blockovich
Art Grant, PFN A2577
Joe Nesi
Flag: Ray Salazar, FN Windy, Joe Bouley
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8:30 am HG: Memorial Day Mass with Bishop Oscar Solis
XXSpanish Fraternal Benefit Seminar (FBS): ¿Desea alinear sus decisiones financieras con su fe?
05-29-2024   5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
¿Desea alinear sus decisiones financieras con su fe?
Hermanos y Líderes,
Espero que este correo electronico te encuentre bien. Me complace informarles sobre un próximo evento que podría ayudar a sus consejos a lograr su objetivo de consejo estrella para el año fraternal.
Organizaremos un evento FBE virtual hispano el miércoles 29 de mayo a las 8:00 p. m. EST. Este evento promete ser una valiosa oportunidad para los consejos que buscan interactuar con la comunidad hispana e impulsar sus iniciativas de crecimiento.
Adjunto a este correo electrónico encontrará el folleto y el gráfico de redes sociales del evento. Comparta estos materiales con sus líderes y corra la voz dentro de sus jurisdicciones.
Brothers and Leaders,
I hope this email finds you well. I am excited to inform you about an upcoming event that could help your councils achieve their star council goal for the fraternal year.
We are hosting a Hispanic Virtual FBE Event on Wednesday, May 29, at 8:00 pm EST. This event promises to be a valuable opportunity for councils looking to engage with the Hispanic community and boost their growth initiatives.
Tiny URL Link:
Esperamos contar con su participación y apoyo para que este evento sea un éxito.
Gracias por su atención y que tenga un fin de semana increíble.
We look forward to your participation and support in making this event a success.
Thank you for your attention, and have an amazing weekend.
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5:00 pm Spanish Fraternal Benefit Seminar (FBS): ¿Desea alinear sus decisiones financieras con su fe?
XXFYI - 5/31-6/5 - National Eucharistic Pilgrimage (St. Junipero Serra Route) in Utah
05-31-2024 - 06-05-2024
May 31: receiving the Blessed Sacrament at the Idaho border, then going to Logan.
June 1: Service Project.  CCS in Ogden.
June 2: Corpus Christi, Procession in Park City.  Mass with Bishop Oscar Solis.
June 3: Process from Cathedral to Newman Center (on South Temple)
June 4: Procession through the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation (Roosevelt to Fort Duchesne)
June 5: (Mass, Adoration, Breakfast) in Vernal to 10:30 AM depart to Colorado border
May 31–June 2, 2024
St. Junipero Serra Route
2023.10.15 - Add note that some honor guards will be requested, with the details available in November.
State Deputy Bill Kelly
"An Honor Guard will be required at Park City  on Friday evening where Bishop Solis will be preceding for the opening event in our state . There will be activities going on every day during this period where an honor guard will be required.   As soon as I get dates times and locations we can solidify both HG and other KofC support  for this event."
Father Christopher Gray
"Thank you, Bill! Note, several of these details are not quite right—regardless, I would greatly appreciate your help with a couple important events during the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage between May 31 and June 5, 2024. I will have more information for you in November. I will happily brief everyone with the final plan when it is available."
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05-31-2024 - 06-05-2024 FYI - 5/31-6/5 - National Eucharistic Pilgrimage (St. Junipero Serra Route) in Utah

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