Training opportunities for Q4 (April-June), are listed on the training page as they are announced.

5/24 – State Training Webinar – COVID Recovery Program (CRP) and Fraternal Year Closeout.
4/26 – State Training Webinar – Council Elections (in person, remote or hybrid)
Tip: Assembly elections are very similar.

Supreme Webinar – 4/22 (COVID Recovery Program).  To review all available supreme webinars, visit

Regional Training with Ken White – Q4 Training Schedule (April – June 2021).
The training page has the registration links and other resources.
The new webinars are How to Manage a Happy and Healthy District, The District Deputies Guide to New Council Development, and COVID Recovery Program (CRP).

Check out KnightCast!  It’s a new (monthly) video series for members launched in February (not training).