Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship Program
State Championship held Sunday, March 24th at Blessed Sacrament School in Sandy

State Champions ~ Girls
Age  Name, Council/Location, Score
9 Rorie Rendon, 5214/Kearns, 9/25
10 Isabelle Alavarado, 1136/Orem, 8/25
11 Sophie McFadden, 9849/Ogden – Saint James, 10/25
12 Emma Manross, 6966/Sandy, 10/25
13 Mikayla Semmerling, 16127/Hill AFB, 12/25
14 Gracie Paert, 13297/Saint Vincent de Paul, 19/25
State Champions ~ Boys
9 Jacoby Ahlstrom, 12181/Draper, 18/25
10 Trey Nicolodemos, 12181/Draper, 11/25
11 Noah Schuyler, 12181/Draper, 17/25
12 Levi Rentmeister, 9849/Ogden – Saint James, 14/25
13 Juan Robles, 1136/Orem, 14/25
14 Oakley Rentmeister, 9849/Ogden – Saint James, 16/25

District Deputy Winner was Peter Abercrombie.

January – Girls & Boys (ages 9-14) start at a (local) council.  Dates are flexible, before the district.
February – Council winners at Districts (contact District Deputies as needed for details), again dates are flexible, needs to be before the state.
March 24th – District winners at State.
International champions are determined on the basis of the best scores from the state competitions submitted in each age category.  Note: Age is as of January 1st.
Official Rules (e.g., ball size, distance from hoop, etc.) is available in the Official Playbook.
Blank Entry Form / Scoresheet (needs parent/guardian signature).