The 2018-2019 Mid-Year Meeting will be at the Cathedral of the Madeline of Saturday, 05-JAN-2019 (agenda).  There is an activity for the ladies.

Attire on Saturday is business casual (dress shirts, no jeans) or better (e.g., District Deputies in jackets & ties).

The District Deputies and State Officers will also meet the evening before on Friday, 04-JAN-2019 (agenda).

All Meal Reservations were due by Friday, 28-DEC-2018 (including for the free meals).
Option A: Make your meal reservations online (FREE breakfast, FREE lunch, $26/dinner) and pay for dinner online.
Note:  Each Knight should submit his own reservation (at least for breakfast and/or lunch).
Option B: You can print & mail this meal reservation PDF, with your check for any costs.

Hampton Inn hotel reservation discount available.  Click here.

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