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Supreme-Recommended Program Category Matrix
(click picture to enlarge)Faith In Action Matrix has the 24-page guidebook.

Looking for the 98-page guidebook?  Here it is one program at a time (in 36 files that can be all downloaded at once).
Need a one-page summary?  See page 12 of the June 2018 Columbia Magazine.  Featured and Required programs have minimum requirements.

Practical suggestions on program implementation in the September Knightline.  See how easy it is to get started by looking at each program in light of the 5 Ps (place, price, product, people and promotion).  The October Knightline focus is on the LIFE category.  The November Knightline highlights the FAMILY.

The updated Columbian Award Application (SP-7) is available, and it comes with instructions!
NEW Faith in Action Fraternal Programs Report Form (#10784) and other announcements about updated forms.