December 13, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Register at www.kofc.org/webinar (and confirm the particulars).

Join us for an hour and we will delve into:
* Communication is a KEY component to Council Success
* Putting Charity into Action helps Council Visibility
* Domestic Church Programs Attracts Younger Members
* Charitable outreach engages and attracts!

Fraternal Leader Training Webinars: Join the staff of the Fraternal Mission Department as we discuss relevant topics for effective council operation, membership recruitment and conducting charitable outreach programs that engage council members and build a stronger council. All Knights of Columbus members are welcome to join us!
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Note: Added to this calendar 2017.07.28 from schedule published 2017.06.28 in the Effectively Spanning Fraternal Years webinar. 6pm Mountain is the CONFIRMED time!

Note: 12/13 date confirmed on 20-SEP-2017 webinar.