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Utah Knights of Columbus Special Olympics

Utah Knights of Columbus continues its tradition of strong support for Special Olympics. We have many Special Events planned for this year (see the highlights below).

2015 Calendar of Events


Additionally, your financial support is vital to the continued success of this program. We are aiming for support from 100% of the councils this year. You can lend your support right now; CLICK HERE for the form.

It is quite self-explanatory. Any amount will be accepted (it costs about $250 to support one athlete for a year). Just print out the form, fill in the information, include your check, and mail it to the address on the form. Any amount will be accepted.

Supreme Reporting Form

No job is complete until the paperwork is done! The following methods can be used to report your Special Olympics contributions to Supreme.


The online form is simple to use; just fill in the blanks and follow the on-screen directions. It is very important that you list the hours members of your council donated as well as the money that your council donated. Both are used to calculate the Supreme Council's contribution to Utah's Special Olympians.

CLICK HERE to report online!

Print and Mail-in

Want to do it the old fashioned way? It'll cost you in stamps, walking to the mail box, and being uncertain Supreme got it, but if you insist, CLICK HERE, print out the form fill it in, and mail it off. After you do, get in your Packard and head for the malt shop wearing your saddle shoes, old timer!