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Knights of Columbus Insurance

Insurance has always been at the heart of our mission as Knights of Columbus: taking care of families!

We are pleased and honored to carry on a long tradition of caring for our families through rock-solid insurance. The Knights of Columbus won't be asking for any government bailouts because we've never lost a nickel!

You can find a lot of information about insurance at our Supreme web site


How to Submit a New Member Annuity Application

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification | Annuity Applications for New Member

Eligibility for a K of C New Member Annuity: The member's initial date of K of C membership must be within one (1) year of the date of the New Member Annuity application submission.

The following three (3) documents are required when submitting a New Member Annuity Application:

  • A completed and signed Form 100Q (Note: Please print the Council No. and Location (City & State) at the top of the Form 100Q.)
  • A completed and signed W9 Form
  • A check for $100 (or more) payable to 'Knights of Columbus'

Please mail the three documents to:

Annuity Services

Knights of Columbus

1 Columbus Plaza

New Haven, CT 06510-3326

Contact your Field Agent if you have any questions about this process or if you've been a Knight for longer than one year and you're interested in a K of C Annuity.

Our Local Team consists of great Brother Knights: Gene Trombetti, Joe Hudak Jr., and Edward Lozano. Use the following link to the General Agent page to find your local agent: www.kofchuardagency.com

Joe Hudak, Jr.

Field Agent, Northern Utah
2535 Bonneville Terrace Dr.
Ogden, UT 84403
Office: 801-391-3362


Edward Lozano

(866) 230-9675 toll free
(415) 225-5540 cell.
Check out Edward's Web Site!


Gene Trombetti

435-862-5545 cell.


Our local agents are backed up by our General Agent: Ken Huard.

Kenneth Huard, FICF

General Agent: Southern Colorado, Western Slope of Colorado, Utah
1925 Dominion Way, Suite 103
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Office: 719-219-6831
Toll Free: 877-213-1679