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Upcoming Degrees

Here is a list of upcoming Degree Exemplifications. You can also find this information on the Calendar. Sponsor, GK and FS should accompany each candidate,with a First Degree kit and a signed (legible) Form 100. Candidates must check in 30 minutes prior.

First Degree Exemplifications

For First Degree dates, times, and locations, please see the Calendar.

Second Degree Exemplifications

Sat, October 25, 12:30pm - 2pm, St. James Parish Gym, Ogden

12:30 Sign in, 1:00 pm Degree

Third Degree Exemplifications

Saturday Oct 11 - St. George - 3rd Degree Only

Sunday Oct 26 - St. Vincent Church Basement - 3rd Degree Only

Saturday Jan 10 - Ogden - 3rd Degree Only

Saturday April 11 - Provo - 3rd Degree Only

Sunday May 17 - TBD - 3rd Degree Only

Fourth Degree Exemplifications

Saturday November 15th, 2014 -- St. Thomas More, Sandy

Saturday February 21st, 2015 -- St. James, North Ogden (tentative)

Saturday May 30th, 2015 -- St. Peter, American Fork